Five benefits of brown rice protein

Five benefits of brown rice protein

You might have noticed our newest just protein™ range contains brown rice protein.

just protein™ is our advanced plant-based lean sports supplement drink. Designed to support a healthy, lean body, just protein™ provides the essential building blocks before and after exercise.

But why use brown rice protein? There are a few very good reasons we selected this healthy source to maximise the benefits of our newest product.

Let us explain…


It’s hypo-allergenic

For those following a vegan diet, eggs are not an option. Others simply can’t tolerate egg, milk and soy-derived protein because of allergies. Lactose may cause allergic reactions that result in unwanted gastrointestinal side effects like nausea, bloating, and in extreme cases diarrhoea or vomiting.

Brown rice protein powder is suitable for almost anyone and contains no gluten. Most brown rice proteins are organic and don’t have any hidden nasties like artificial colours, sweeteners or fillers.


It helps muscle recovery

Intense physical training or simply everyday activities cause muscle to break down. Brown rice contains amino acids, the building blocks of proteins structures like your muscles.

While the proteins of brown rice are more slowly digested than whey or egg proteins, brown rice still contains all the necessary amino acids. The body uses dietary proteins to provide the amino acids for rebuilding your muscles.


It burns fat

Increasing dietary protein intake speeds up fat burning. Proteins have a "thermic" effect - they create heat in the body through digestion. Since proteins take a lot of energy to digest, more calories are burned after a high protein meal. Up to 30% of protein's calories get burned through its digestion. Building a weight loss strategy around lean sources of protein like brown rice powder makes nutritional sense.


It improves liver function

As a powerful antioxidant, brown rice prevents specific types of cell damage, especially damage caused by oxidation (free radical formation caused by oxygen molecules traveling freely in the body), which can cause liver disease.


It balances blood sugar

Blood sugar spikes in response to meals, causing the pancreas to secrete insulin to facilitate the storage of nutrients. Large insulin spikes from high carbohydrate meals trigger fat storage and may lead to insulin resistance. Taking in more protein with a meal helps balance this blood sugar and insulin effect to prevent the storage of body fat.





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