Top 5 Tips for Building Muscle

Top 5 Tips for Building Muscle

Lift Weights

To build muscle a focus should be placed on lifting weights and performing resistance training. Lifting weights enables the body to break down muscle fibres, which then become stronger or bigger during the repair process. To allow for maximal muscle stimulation a primary focus should be made on performing compound exercises during your training (Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Overhead Press and Pull Ups).

Eat Protein

One of the primary functions of proteins is to build and repair damaged cells. As a result, when breaking down muscle during training it is the role of protein to facilitate the future growth. If performing resistance training and aiming to build muscle individuals should aim to consume around 1.5g-2gs of protein per kg of bodyweight. Our Not Just Protein includes 18gs of plant-based protein, so a quick and easy way of helping you reach your protein goals.

Programme your training correctly

One of the most important things for building muscle is allowing your body the time to recover and do so. After training with heavy weights for 4-6 weeks it may be useful to take a de-load week allow your body to recover. In addition, be mindful of the volume of sets and reps of the exercises you are performing. For example, recommendations for hypertrophy are around 8-12 reps per set.

Prioritise Sleep

Sleep is when your body repairs and recovers, so make sure this is a priority. Experts believe an optimal amount of sleep for recovery is around 8-10 hours a night.

Keep Hydrated

ensure you’re always hydrated, not just during your workout. Overall hydration will facilitate new muscle mass, repair muscle tissue and process the nutrients you eat. This doesn’t have to be water but could be your own customised shake filled with added Not Just Protein.




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